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Your Satisfaction is Important to SPS


SPS Students-

In every academic institution, the level of student satisfaction has a direct impact on student retention. If students are excited to be there, finding their courses to be appropriately challenging,  and their professors to be very well qualified and engaging, they tend to persist and graduate from that institution. When students aren’t happy, the number of complaints, drop outs and stop outs go up.  In SPS it is important to me, and Trinity as a whole, that our students feel that they are getting the quality academic experience that they need. We provide a level of service and access in the classroom that allows you to be heard, nurtured, challenged, and educated.

To measure all of these things, it is imperative that we hear from you. In addition to emailing us, or dropping by for a meeting, we need you to complete course evaluations, surveys and comment cards. We use this information to help design new advising techniques (e.g senior checkins to make sure that there are no barriers to your graduation), workshops (e.g. Understanding your academic plan to teach you about GPAs, etc), and strategies ( like realigning advisors to their core educational areas). We also  utilize that information to help improve academic programs and make hiring decisions for adjunct faculty members.

So, the next time that you are in Main 250, please complete a comment card. And don’t forget to provide honest appraisals of your faculty members on the course evaluations (they are completely confidential). Thank you!

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