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Struggling to pay for college? Check out our NEW scholarship binder in SPS


I know that many of you are struggling under the financial pressures of loans for school while working to pay your mortgage, childcare and other ‘life’ expenses. It is for this reason that I routinely post information about scholarships on my blog ( and have a whole section of our website dedicated to scholarship resources ( Now we are taking things a step farther in the SPS office and we maintain a Scholarship Binder in Main 250.

How will you use this binder? Well, it is organized by academic program (e.g. criminal justice or nursing) and level (undergraduate vs. graduate). It also contains special sections for minority students, women and other categories. There are descriptions of each program and you have the ability to easily access the pages for copies. Hopefully, it will make your search easier.

Most scholarships have basic qualifications and require you to write an essay about your educational goals or circumstances. If you don’t feel confident about your writing skills, attend one of our new writing workshops- you can find them at

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