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Need Help with Math? Check out These Monthly Workshops




For many of you, Math has been the bane of your existence for years. You have avoided it, hated it, and felt that you could not get it. For some of you it has been years since you’ve consciously used fractions, polynomials or algebra. We know that its hard. We also know that you can master it. We have designed a new series of free workshops, taught by Dr. Farhaana Nyamekye, just for you. Check them out below:


Two Step Equations with Dr. N on Friday, September 16th at 6pm. Room TBA

Students will get a brief review of the addition and multiplication principles that are involved for solving equations and the goal of solving and equation for a given variable. We will use the T method for solving equations to help students keep track of the left and right sides of the equation. Students will see a demonstration of solving a set of equations that get progressively more challenging and then will work in groups to solve their own and present to the rest of the session participants. We will discuss whether solutions seem reasonable or if there are potential errors and why.  

Operations with Fractions with Dr. N on Friday, October 14 at 6pm. Room TBA

Description: Students will get a crash course in what numerators and denominators are and what fractions represent. They will learn how to find the Least common denominator and create equivalent fractions as the foundation for addition and subtraction.  Manipulatives may be used to help students visualize subtraction between mixed fractions where converting (or borrowing as some say) is necessary.  Students will learn how to multiply and divide fractions and (perhaps with manipulatives may see visually how the process works). They will work in groups solving various fraction problems and present their solutions. We will discuss whether solutions seem reasonable or if there are potential errors and why.

Determining a Slope of a Line with Dr. N on Friday, November 18th at 6pm. Room TBA.

Description:  Students will get a presentation of the various ways to think about slope,  and how to determine the slope of line when given two points on a line, the graph of a line, and the equation of a line.  Three stations will be created for each situation (2 points on a line, graph of a line, equation of a line) and students rotate from station to station practicing identification of slope and calculation of slope. Each station will be equipped with markers and poster sized sticky graph paper so that students can really see what they are doing) We will end the session by discussing the relationship between  slope, the graph of a line, and the equation of a line, and the value of understanding slope in the real world (particularly for business).

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