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Global Issues in Intelligence and Homeland Security Conference at Penn State


Good Morning, IC-CAE Friends and Colleagues:

On September 22-23, 2011, the Harrisburg campus of Pennsylvania State University will be hosting a conference, Global Issues in Intelligence and Homeland Security:  Challenges in a Changing World.  The forum is the second annual edition of Penn State’s IC CAE initiative in intelligence and homeland security studies.

In September 2009, Penn State was named an IC CAE institution by ODNI.  Our mandate is to prepare students for entry-level careers with government agencies.  Our first symposium was held last year and focused on strategy and policy implications of intelligence and information exchange in the domestic environment.  This year we hope to build on the success of that event by expanding our scope beyond immediate domestic concerns to a shared international perspective of common threats.  The objectives of the forum are to promote a continued positive and constructive dialogue between the academic and government intelligence communities, allowing scholars to showcase their research, and encourage students to examine the needs, challenges, and benefits of serving in the intelligence field.

We recognize that the Southeast Regional IC-CAE Fall Colloquium is scheduled for September 14-17, only one week prior to our event.  However, we would like to once again extend an invitation to you…all things considered (travel budgets, academic commitments, etc.).  We would especially like to encourage your students to attend.  We feel that the IC-CAE Fall Colloquium and the Penn State Symposium are for two distinct audiences: the Fall Colloquium being for program leaders and managers; and the Penn State Symposium for students, as well as other faculty members.

The symposium is free.  Attendees pay their own travel and lodging.  Below, please find the link to the registration web site for the symposium.  Hope to see you and your students there.

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