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Consultant Needed for Loan Fund Feasibility Study in San Francisco


RFP for Loan Fund Feasibility Study

HomeownershipSF (HSF), San Francisco’s innovative consortium of leading homeownership counseling organizations, seeks to not only help low-to-moderate (LMI) households purchase homes but, importantly, to maintain homeownership in the face of external impediments such as rising home owners association (HOAS) dues and unexpected special assessments.

To address several current challenges to sustainable homeownership in San Francisco, HSF seeks to develop and implement a multi-source (public and private) loan fund to 1) assist below-market-rate (BMR) homeowners to stay in their homes and 2) to help very low-income San Franciscans purchase homes through San Francisco Community Land Trust’s co-op model.  While these two opportunities are identified as top priorities, HSF may be open to exploring additional ways to provide assistance to San Francisco’s LMI homeowners that may be revealed by this process.

HSF seeks a well-qualified consultant to conduct a feasibility study analyzing all aspects of the development and implementation of a loan fund to meet the above needs.  The selected consultant will work with HSF staff and Board of Directors to:

*         Assess the scope of need for the above-described loan fund

*         Assess capital requirements to meet current and projected need

*         Identify potential sources of capital and conduct interviews with associated decision makers     to determine

          interest level and, ideally, secure commitment from capital sources

*         Analyze potential financial structures for the loan fund and recommend optimal structure

*         Determine implementation and management requirements for establishing and successfully running the loan fund

To access the full RFP, please go to:

HSF expects this feasibility study to be conducted in a four-to-six month timeframe.

The ideal candidate will have in-depth knowledge of San Francisco’s affordable housing landscape including institutional players, financing options and funders.  Said candidate will have extensive experience in industry analysis, forecasting and  financial modeling and excellent communication skills.

Please submit a proposal detailing past experience and qualifications to undertake the described feasibility study along with projected costs and timeline by September 7, 2011.  Please limit initial proposals to three pages and submit by email to HSF’s Executive Director, Josie Ramirez at<>.

For questions, please contact Josie Ramirez at the email address above.


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