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More Information about Alternate Weekly (AWK or ALT WKLY) courses for Fall 2011


The following courses in SPS are being offered on an Alternate Weekly/ALT WKLY/AWK format this fall:

  • ADMN 607/AWK 1           Financial Management for Non-Finl Mgs               Smith
  • ADMN 607/AWK2            Financial Management for Non-Finl Mgs               Smith
  • BADM 499/AWK 1            Senior Seminar (BADM students only)                   Brannon
  • GST 400/AWK 2                 Senior Seminar (GST students only)                        Zuber
  • HUMR/SOCY 499/AWK2  Senior Seminar (HUMR/CRJ students)                 Davis

These courses are being offered in the ALT Weekly format so that students and faculty can still have the same number of in- class contact hours as a term course (28 hours in seven session), while giving students more time to complete crucial  tasks and final projects. Students will also receive additional instructional support online thru Moodle throughout the entire semester.

In the ALT Weekly format, your courses will meet on either:

1) the first and third Friday or Saturday of each month (AWK1), or

2) the second and fourth Friday or Saturday of each month (AWK2)

The full schedule is below:

FALL 2011 Alt Weekly session dates

Alt Weekly 1     Alt Weekly 2    
Meeting # Fri Sat Meeting # Fri Sat
1 8.19 8.20 1 8.26 8.27
2 9.2 9.17 2 9.09 9.10
3 9.16 10.1 3 9.23 9.24
4 10.14 10.15 4 10.07 10.07*
5 11.04 11.05 5 10.21 10.22
6 11.18 11.19 6 11.11 11.12
7 12.02 12.03 7 12.09 12.10

*AWK2 Saturday courses will meet on Friday October 07, 2011 and not meet on the Saturday before Columbus Day. Since 10.07.11 is not a Saturday, students should be encouraged to attend, however, students cannot be penalized for missing the session.

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