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Enrollment Services FAQs for Fall 2011


Enrollment Services will be in O’Connor from Saturday, August 13 through Thursday, August 25. They are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm and on Saturday the 13th from 8am to 5pm, Saturday the 20th from 8am to 2pm. Students are able to complete their payment arrangements any time during that time frame.

Here are a few common issues and questions that come up about payment arrangements during this time:

 • What should new residential students do if they don’t have a payment arrangement yet?

o New students will be allowed to move-in and complete payment arrangements during their orientation week, by Friday Aug 19th.

o New students who have a meal plan will be able to eat in the cafeteria during that week and commuter students will be able to access the campus, even if they don’t have an ID yet.

o New students must have a payment arrangement to get a Trinity ID. We will also give campus residents a yellow residential clearance form to show that they are financially cleared to live on campus, and will be sending reports about their status.

New students must be registered to finalize their payment arrangement and get a student ID. So CAS students who haven’t done their assessments yet or SPS/EDU students who haven’t met with an advisor yet should take care of that before coming to O’Connor for an ID. (They are welcome to come and talk to a financial aid counselor, of course, any time, but they won’t be able to get their ID if they are not registered and paid.)

There’s a long line in there! o It will be busy at times, but students can always come back at another time. Even on our busiest days we have times without a line. It’s fine for new SPS and EDU students to complete their payment arrangement on another day (like their first day of class) if the line is too long during their orientation. We do not charge a late fee until after add/drop, and we do not drop students for non-payment.

I can’t get through on the phone!

o We do focus resources more on students in line at this time, although our main office in room 154 will also be open and staffed during our usual business hours. We do return all voice mails, so please ask students if they have left a message. We also changed our voice mail greeting to give answers to common questions along with our email address, and we will keep updating that message to keep it timely. Counselors can answer emails in-between helping students in-person in O’Connor, so you can also suggest that students email us at if they are not able to come to campus.

Can I go to class if I don’t have my ID yet?

o YES!! We never tell a registered student not to go to class. Everyone should go to class. After class, they can come back to O’Connor. We do not charge a late fee until after add/drop, and we do not drop students for non-payment. If a student tells you someone told them not to go to class, please let her or him know this is not correct. Similarly, students should not miss orientation activities to see financial aid or get their ID. All of the orientation schedules do allow time to handle these matters, and if it is too busy during that time they can come another day.

Can I get my email and Self Service credentials and use Moodle if I don’t have my ID yet?

o Yes, the credentials are actually issued at the time the student lets admissions know they accept the offer of admission. They are emailed to the student automatically at the email address they provided on the admissions application. If a student doesn’t have the credentials, they can submit a service request here:

Why can’t I get a book voucher?

o Students can do a lot of things before they complete a payment arrangement, but they can’t get a book voucher unless they have a credit balance of financial aid on their student accounts. If students are just starting the application process by filing the FAFSA in August, it is likely they will have to purchase their books themselves, and then be reimbursed later when their aid is disbursed.

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