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Are you a Junior or Senior Interested in Politics? Check this course out!


We know that you are more interested than ever in how the federal government works- especially in light of the recent near-miss on the federal debt ceiling. Bi- partisanship and special interest groups seem to be ruling the Hill. Want to find out more? You should take this opportunity to learn from one of the best- Distinguished Professor of Political Science Barbara Kennelly ‘58, former Congresswoman (D-Conn) and Trinity Alum

POLS 403/Seminar/1 – Political Power: Interest Groups, Lobbyists & Public Policy- Uses case studies to test ideas about the nature of political power and the behavior and impact of organized groups on the American political process. A historical perspective on lobbying and lobby reform highlights the moral and political dilemmas. Formerly PSC 422 Political Power: Interest Groups, Lobbying, and Public Policy. 3 credits

This course will be offered in Term 2 on Thursday nights from 6:30pm to 10:00pm. It can be used as an elective for Juniors and Seniors in all majors. Please check with your advisor for more details. Register now- there are only 15 seats available in this class to learn how it’s really (or should be) done on the Hill!

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