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Are you interested in a career in federal law enforcement? Our CSCEP Program with the US Marshals can help!


I must tell you all that I have not given the US Marshals Service the attention that they deserve. I attended their conference last week in Dallas, Texas and I was blown away! Not only is the Centralized Student Career Experience (CSCEP) program the only way that you can currently become a Deputy US Marshal, it is a program focused on increasing the number of minorities and women working for the agency. On top of that, Trinity is only one of two universities in the District of Columbia to have this program.

The US Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency and was founded by appointment of President George Washington himself. Their primary job is to safeguard the federal court system. After that, they arrest over 75% of all federal fugitives, serve warrants for federal crimes, transport more than 180,00 prisoners, and operate the famed Witness Security (otherwise known as Witness Protection) program.

Through the CSCEP program, Trinity junior and senior students in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology, Human Relations, and Sociology are able to get into paid internships with the USMS that lead to full-time jobs after graduation. The recruitment process for the Fall begins September 6th and ends with all applications being due to me on October 1st by 5pm.  I will host information sessions and application workshops. You may also want to attend the Interviewing Skills workshop (September 19th, 6-8pm) and Mock Interview Panel (November 7th, 6:30- 8pm) events in SPS to brush up on your skills.

To qualify for the US Marshals CSCEP Program, students must:

  • Be enrolled at Trinity
  • Be at least 20 years old (older students are welcome to apply)
  • Be US Citizens & hold a US driver’s license
  • Be enrolled as a junior or senior in criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology, public administration, or human relations
  • Have a minimum 3.0GPA in their field of study, and a 2.75GPA overall
  • Properly complete the application package
  • Pass a structures interview
  • Pass a full-field background investigation, medical examination, and fitness test
  • Work in a USMS District Office for 16 weeks at the GS-4 level

What are the rewards? Upon successful completion of the CSCEP program, your degree, and satisfactory performance within 120 days of degree completion, students may be converted to a Deputy US Marshal position and start a career in federal law enforcement.

This is not an easy job, but it can be very rewarding. These are the folks that brought Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber to justice. They have been portrayed on film in movies like ‘Con Air,’ ‘The Fugitive,’ Wyatt Earp,’ and the ‘US Marshals.’ No day is the same. This could be your way in.

I will be sending the application package out soon and stay tuned for information sessions about the USMS.

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