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We are still looking for Student Government Leaders!


We have had a very successful year with our SPS SGEB members. I would like all of us to say a hearty thanks to Tresa Welch and Ike Muomaife, your Co-Presidents; ToShana Simpson, VP; Kwanee Price-Butler, AA Rep; Irvin Moore, Jr and Tenisha Contee, BA/BS reps; and Darryl Woods and Mark Stevens, MA/MSA/MBA reps for their outstanding work this year. They ran marathons for breast cancer, attended every orientation, open house and student event, spoke on your behalf to adjunct faculty, and celebrated with graduating students on their special day. Their commitment to service should be lauded and was a welcome addition to the SPS team. I only hope that our next SGEB will be as committed and engaged.

Structure of the SGA would consist of a President and Vice President, along with an executive committee comprised of two representatives each from the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s level programs. Each member will serve a one year term and are eligible for re-election. The formal name would be the SPS Student Governance Executive Board. Terms would last from September 1st to July 31st and elections would occur each summer. Students will need to be actively enrolled in both the Fall and Spring semesters each year and in good academic standing. The term expires at each year and at graduation.

Each SPS student will be allowed to tender one ballot for the SGEB. The ballots will be pre-populated with the names of those who are nominated. Nominated students are allowed to campaign with written materials and posters, which can be displayed in the basement of Main Hall, in the Trinity room at THEARC (see Candice Washington for details), and in bathrooms on the second floor of main. It is important to note that all items must be pre-approved by Dean Bowie before being posted.

Students interested in joining the Executive Board will be required to submit a nomination with mission statement detailing why they want to be on the Board and what their agenda would be for the organization, with a picture, by June17th at 5pm to Deans Bowie and Brooks ( and Students can also be nominated by another student who should submit the characteristics that they believe will make them an effective leader for one of the positions.

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