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The Bridge that Trinity Built- A report from the SPS SGEB on the recent Alumnae Dinner


The Bridge that Trinity Built

by Tresa Welch, SPS Student Governance Executive Board (SGEB) Co- President and AA student

“Bridges” became the theme at a recent dinner hosted by Trinity’s Alumnae Board. In late January, student leaders received an invitation from Margy Brooks Reagan, ’78, to attend the Alumnae Dinner to be held on February 11, 2011. Many members of the Trinity School of Professional Studies (SPS)/ Student Governance Executive Board (SGEB) gladly accepted the invitation.

Though cold and dark outdoors the night of the dinner, Trinity’s student leaders experienced warmth, goodwill and good food as special guests of the Alumnae Board. What became apparent as student’s shared plans, recent accomplishments and funny stories is that the common bond that binds the past, present, and future is played out whenever Trinity students and alumnae mix.  As the sage and wise Sylvia Washington ’58, rose to declare herself the human bridge between Trinity past, Trinity present, and Trinity future, the dinner guests marveled at the fact that one person could indeed be in more than one place at one time.

How is this possible? We learned that evening, that Ms. Washington graduated from Trinity in 1958 and returned as a professor for many years.  Now, she serves on the Alumnae Board along- side former students. From the passion she expressed about Trinity, it is safe to assume that she will continue to serve as current students matriculate and become active as alumnae. Hence, she is all at once, Trinity past, Trinity present and Trinity future.

The laughter that could be heard in the halls of Trinity’s main building was at times a little raucous as the stories flowed easily between the students and the alumnae.  Talk of internships, course work-loads, and real-life, grown up matters could be heard from table to table. The bridge was becoming clearer and ever more present as the stories, all having begun differently, ended the same.  No matter where we are from, regardless of faith, race, gender or chosen major, Trinity’s mission, which was evident that evening unites us past, present, and future.  As students, like the alumnae, we chose Trinity for reasons similar and different.  However, we learned at the Alumnae Dinner that regardless of why we chose Trinity, we’ll leave with the same preparedness, skills and experiences that will help us navigate the “lifespan” and hopefully encourage us give back to the students crossing the bridge behind us as we too become Trinity Alumnae.

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