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Want to Help People Keep Their Homes? Check out this job


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Program Officer, Bounce Back Program

LOCATION: 12900 Middlebrook Road, Germantown, MD 20874

REPORTS TO: Director, Housing Counseling Program


The Bounce Back Program has the goal of providing homeowners who received permanent mortgage modifications with the tools necessary to sustain their modified loan and improve their financial situation.  Many current mortgage modifications contain a five-year interest rate reset.  The potential negative impact of these resets cannot be underestimated:  If homeowners are not prepared to absorb the increase in monthly mortgage payments that will result from the modification resets, we will be facing widespread defaults on the modified mortgages for years to come.  The Bounce Back Program will provide intensive educational workshops and one-on-one coaching in with a focus on budgeting, debt reduction, credit enhancement, savings and asset building.  The Program Administrator is based in Hyattsville and will design and run all aspects of the program.  The Program Officer will be based in Germantown, and will conduct workshops and counseling for Montgomery County residents.  The Program Administrator will coordinate the work of the Program Officer. 


1.      Assist Program Administrator in designing an educational curriculum to strengthen the financial stability of homeowners who recently received loan modifications.  The curriculum will include budgeting, debt reduction, credit enhancement, savings and asset building.

2.      Recruit participants for program by conducting outreach to homeowners who recently received loan modifications. 

3.      Conduct weekly workshops and provide one-on-one coaching to at least 100 participants to ensure that they are on track financially to avoid (re)default on their mortgage modifications.  

4.      Administer evaluation mechanisms to participants and track success of participants.

5.      Ensure participant demographics and outcomes are entered into program database.

6.      Provide regular reports on program outcomes to the Program Administrator.

7.      Work with Bounce Back Program Administrator to ensure consistency of the program as well as to provide feedback needed to refine the program. 


1.                   Experience in financial literacy education and counseling.

2.                   Skill and accreditation in default counseling and homebuyer education preferred.

3.                   Bachelor’s degree or related experience.

4.                   Strong communication, counseling, advocacy skills.

5.                   Ability to incorporate web-based and/or social media programs for educational purposes. 

6.                   Fluency in Spanish strongly preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to Mary Hunter, Director, Housing Counseling Program at

Excellent salary and benefits. Please visit to learn more about our organization.

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