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Part-time Program and Development Staff Needed


Interstages is hiring Part-Time creative and energetic Program and Development staff to support our expansion and growth in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington, DC.

Interstages is an award-winning youth development organization. We believe “success is in the experience.” We provide opportunities for early adolescent girls in underserved neighborhoods to discover talents, develop and strengthen skills, and heighten self-awareness, setting the stage for a successful transition into young adulthood.

* Exclusive focus on early adolescence
* Academic personalization
* Connecting to history through arts

Most important to us is that you share our passion for our mission and programs. Successful candidates will be comfortable visiting and participating in the program and interacting with youth, families, and community members. Prior experience in Wards 7-8 communities and community-based arts and/or youth development organizations is preferred.

Interstages provides health insurance coverage to part-time employees on a pro-rated basis. Also: basic life insurance, medical FSA, transportation FSA. Optional dental, vision, and AFLAC plans at employee cost.”

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