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4 H Development Job Available




(This position is grant funded)

Division/Office/Unit: Resource Development/Grant Fulfillment

Type of Position: Exempt/Regular/Full-Time

(hours per week 37.5 )

Salary Offer Range: Salary commensurate with experience

Starting Date: As soon as a suitable candidate can be found.

Job Summary: Assist with oversight of the design, development, implementation and evaluation of National 4-H Council grant-funded projects that support the 4-H Science, Healthy Living and Citizenship Mission Mandates in the 4-H System. Oversee the design and implementation of professional development requirements of National 4-H Council grants. Provide coordination and overall strategic and tactical management to strategically develop partnerships with groups and organizations to support 4-H Mission Mandates. Develop successful working relations with National Program Leaders at 4-H National Headquarters to guide capacity building initiatives within 4-H System to support 4-H Mission.

Responsibilities: Work closely with the Director, 4-H Mission to Market, to provide leadership to fulfilling deliverables for National 4-H Council grants supporting 4-H Mission Mandates. Advise on professional development aspects of National 4-H Council grants to ensure alignment with PRKC and 4-H Mission Mandate Program Management Teams and/or Working Groups as assigned. Work with Resource Development and Grant Fulfillment team members to design and implement PD program models and evaluation process for professional development to meet PD program and evaluation requirements of donor proposals. Work with all LGUs that have 4-H Science Plans of Action to support the implementation, management, evaluation and fundraising for the plans. Work with 4-H National Program Management Teams and/or Working Groups to support and implement 4-H Professional Development for state and local 4-H programs.


Assistant Director, 4-H Mission to Market

Clikc here for more info:Assistant Director 4-H Mission to Market 02 08 2011 docs

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