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Need a Scholarship? See below


In these economic times, it is best to explore all of your options. Why pay for college out of your pocket if there are millions of dollars in scholarships that languish every year? To help you find the opportunities you need- whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, male or female, young or old- we have the following resources to help you:

  1. Stop by financial aid in Enrollment Services and review the scholarship opportunities they have available for you
  2. Check out our new Scholarship Board outside of the SPS Offices in Main 250
  3. Once a week, go to the Dean’s Blog on our website to check on new opportunities-
  4. Do your research online and at the Library of Congress (the best library in the world) for more scholarship ideas

 We want to help. We are invested in your education and success. If you have questions, call us at (202) 884-9620.

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