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Summer Internship at the DC Office of Planning


Office of Planning

Summer Intern Work Program

Saint Elizabeths East Redevelopment

Minimum hours/week: 15-30 hours/week

Typical hours:  To be negotiated

Research/work topic: Economic Development Strategy

Federal Initiatives Coordination Assistance

Products: -Economic sector tear sheets (overview, assets, opportunities, strategies, and next steps)  -Strategic opportunities matrix for federal partnerships  -Best practices research on innovation clusters and neighborhood revitalization strategies that include workforce development/training components Area of specialization: Economic Development Planning, Neighborhood/Community Development

Supervisor:   Geraldine Gardner, Associate Director

Partner Staff members: Sakina Khan, Senior Economic Planner

Division:   Neighborhood Planning

Management strategy: Weekly meetings and milestone products Work Description:

The Office of Planning seeks 1-2 graduate students or similarly qualified individuals to provide technical assistance in completing key tasks for the Saint Elizabeths East Campus redevelopment project.   The redevelopment of Saint Elizabeths is a complex, multi-layered project that involves physical land use planning, transportation planning, and economic development strategy development.  The goal of the redevelopment is to capitalize on the once in a generation chance to leverage a $3.5Billion federal investment in the Department of Homeland Security headquarters to catalyze revitalization and economic opportunity for residents in adjancent low-income neighborhoods.

The Office of Planning is leading a multi-agency effort to develop an economic development strategy for key competitive sectors that will include recommendations for workfroce development, business development, education, and real estate.   In a parallel effort, OP is also tasked with coordinating with a federal interagency working group to provide support and assistance to the District in achieveing its economic development and neighborhood revitalization goals.

The intern will assist the Associate Director for Neighborhood Planning in completing key tasks for both activity areas.   Specific responsibilities and deliverables include:

• Complete research and data analysis for economic development strategies for key sectors:  health/mental health,  creative, education, construction, support services.

• Assist the Associate Director in developing strategic planning documents to facilitate ongoing negotiations with the federal government on pilot community development initiatives and participate in local/federal coordination meetings.

• Assist project manager for the Saint Elizabeth Innovation Cluster Strategy by completing best practice research • Assist in preparing for in a broad range of community, agency, and federal government stakeholder meetings • Other project duties as assigned.


• Bachelors degree in urban planning or public policy with a specialization or interest in economic development and/or neighborhood/community development • Experience in completing economic development research and analysis is highly desired • Experience with GIS is preferred

More info at this link: Intern_workplan St Es (2)

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