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Great position for MBA and MSA Nonprofit Students with SWWR



Job No:         80042  ( or )

This position description incorporates the core responsibilities of the job. It is recognized that other related duties not specifically mentioned might also be performed, and that not all responsibilities may be carried out depending on operational needs.

Position Summary

The South Washington Executive Director is the leader of the organization and reports directly to the Chair, South Washington West of the River Family Strengthening Collaborative (SWWR) Board of Directors. The director is responsible for the overall fiscal, programmatic and administrative operations of the organization. The director develops and manages the budgets, personnel, and programs for the Collaborative. The director is responsible for hiring and firing all personnel. The director works in conjunction and cooperation with the board of directors, the Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative (HFTCC) and the Collaborative Council, various funding agencies, community partners and residents of the communities to develop and implement the vision, mission, goals, objectives and priorities for the organization.


The Executive Director, under the general supervision of the Board of Directors, over sees the overall operations of the Collaborative. He/she will participate in the creation and implementation of initiatives, activities and events geared towards the actualization of the collaborative mission and vision. The incumbent will manage and oversee all of the collaborative operations to include: organizational development, fiscal and administrative management including signing contracts and collaborative checks, internal and external communications to include public relations and public policy development. He/she is responsible for the supervisory oversight of the SWWR staff. Additionally, the incumbent will lead and coordinate a quality assurance program for the collaborative operations and develop an evaluation mechanism to ensure continuity of program, operations and sharing of resources.


Organizational Development – In conjunction with the Board of Directors, develop programs, that are in alignment and supports the goals, objectives and philosophy of the constituency. Develop an organizational structure and effective work systems, policies and procedures to ensure the best use of resources and the smooth function of agency operations. Review each collaborative contract and/or funding resource and develop and implement a uniform monthly and/or quarterly reporting process to ensure contract/resource compliance. Analyze monthly/quarterly reports and develop an evaluation process for each department to identify strengths and weaknesses in reporting and compliance. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, develop a process that ameliorates weaknesses and justifies the work of the Collaborative.

Fiscal Management – In conjunction with the Board of Directors, formulate long and short- term financial plans and objectives to ensure adequate funding for program development and initiatives. Oversee the fiscal operations regularly to maintain financial health and viability of the agency. Manage and monitor expenses to budget variances and follow-up to ensure financial integrity and make recommendations to alter spending patterns as necessary. Oversee the preparation of monthly financial and program reports to ensure accurate and up to date reporting. Monitor all insurance programs to ensure cost effectiveness and suitability. Analyze insurances annually to ensure legal compliance, competitive positioning and best utilization of the insurance budget.

Public Relations — In conjunction with the Board of Directors, develop a work plan for on-going public relations campaigns with the community, the five collaboratives, and key stakeholders, including District agencies to endorse the work of the Collaborative. Coordinate special events and promotional materials to promote shared mission/vision in providing neighborhood/ community family support services and to develop a continued funding stream.

Program and Resource Development — Develop a Ward 6 resource database and ensure its maintenance with up to date and accurate neighborhood resource information. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, meet on a regularly scheduled basis to brainstorm on the challenges and issues facing the collaborative and develop a mechanism for addressing and resolving issues and sustain funding and progress.

Public Policy — Establish and maintain working relationships with City policy makers to keep apprised of new and pending legislation affecting the services provided by the SWWR, meet on a regularly scheduled basis to brainstorm on the challenges and issues facing the collaborative and develop an mechanism for addressing and resolving issues and sustain funding and progress.

Collaborative— In conjunction with the Executive Committee, develops agendas for meetings, recommends the composition of the board and its committees. Facilitate the best thinking and involvement of each board member. Inform the Board of the condition of the agency, and all factors influencing change. Initiate, analyze and implement action plans to achieve defined objectives and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. Maintain effective lines of communication and information exchange with and among SWWR staff, Board, other Collaboratives, allied organizations and service providers.

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