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Analyst Position- Perfect for new grads


Date:                                       November 10, 2010

Job Title:                                Analyst

Reports to:                             Chief Fund Advisor/CEO

Company:                              National Community Investment Fund

Position Purpose

Analyst will be responsible for supporting and sourcing of private equity and NMTC deals, doing research on the CDFI banking industry, operations, servicing and administration.  As part of our non-profit mission, the person will also help strengthen and build the CDFI banking industry.  He/she will support the NCIF team on the following key activities of NCIF:

  1. Administration, follow up and reporting of the NCIF investment and NMTC portfolio, managing files;
  2. Loan, equity and NMTC operations and funder compliance and reporting;
  3. Research on the CDFI Industry and development of NCIF Social Performance MetricsSM
  4. Creating a communications and marketing plan; website and collaboration tools
  5. Complies with NCIF systems and policies.
  6. Other duties as assigned, on a day to day basis.


  1. Passion for community development and for improving lives of underserved communities.
  2. Undergraduate or graduate degree with 2-3 years relevant work experience.  Experience of working in Financial Institutions groups, especially banks is preferred.
  3. Knowledge and use of collaboration and new technology  tools
  4. Research orientation, writing skills and detail orientation
  5. Strong MS Office skills; knowledge of databases and collaboration tools will be useful.
  6. Lives in Chicago or is willing to relocate.

 About National Community Investment Fund

National Community Investment Fund (NCIF; is a non-profit private equity trust fund set up in 1996 to invest private capital in CDFI banks around the country that have a mission of economic and community development. NCIF pursues its mission through four distinct activities – investing private capital into CDFI banks, helping raise deposits, enabling booking of loans using New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) and industry/capacity building.  NCIF is the largest investor of equity in CDFI banks (by numbers) in the country and has provided thought leadership by developing its proprietary Social Performance MetricsSM methodology – a tool that enables investors measure the social and economic development impact of CDFI banks.  Total assets under management are approximately $150 million including $128 million of NMTC allocations.   Please send a resume and cover letter to

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