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The employer is KLSL Consulting. _____________________________________________________________________________

Job No:  79490 ( or )

IT Project Manager

238516 – IT Project Manager

$75/hr 1099 contract funded until 9/30/2011

position closes 11/17/2010

The Department of Employment Services (DOES) is seeking a Project Manager to plan for and coordinate the execution of infrastructure, network, applications and information management projects; ensuring that project objectives and stakeholder expectations for time and cost are met. The individual will be responsible for balancing competing project priorities and completing work through shared resources while maintaining the portfolio for all projects related to responsibilities of the Chief Information officer (CIO).

Behavior Characteristics:

Candidate must have ast least five years experience managing all phases of both applications development and enterprise network projects.

Experience required:

IT Business Process Mapping (10 Years)

IT Business Process Re-engineering (10 Years)

IT Business Process Documentation (10 Years)

User Interface Experience (Highly desired)

Unemployment insurance regulations knowledge (Highly desired)

IT Project Management (10 Years)

Will candidate be able to supply laptop and phone? There are no reimbursable expenses.

Work Location: DOES: 64 New York Ave NE, Suite 3000


Job No:   79455 ( or )

Information Technology Project Managers

37978- Sr Project Manager Consultant

$75/hr 1099

Contract funded until 9/30/2011

Position Closes 11/15/10

Be part of Washington DC’s Citywide Communications Network.

DC-Net provides managed voice, data, and video wire-based and wireless services to all government constituents city-wide over a secure, highly redundant, and high capacity fiber optic telecommunications platform. This standards-based platform lays the foundation for all next-generation government and public safety communications throughout the District. DC-Net is a program managed by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO).


DC-Net’s mission is to: 

  • Provide reliable and secure connectivity and access to business and city services for all government constituents.
  • Leverage the power of technology to improve service delivery to government constituents through a secure, highly redundant, high capacity, standards-based network infrastructure.
  • Drive innovation through the delivery of cost effective, best-of-breed, and value-added telecommunications products and services that meet public safety and government needs.
  • Improve access to broadband services for community anchor institutions, public safety entities, and District residents and businesses—enabling the closure of the District’s digital divide by aligning services with government priorities..


DC-Net plays a key role in helping OCTO to realize its mission to leverage the power of technology to improve service delivery, drive innovation, and bridge the digital divide to build a world-class city. DC-Net is a key contributor to OCTO’s four-objective strategy:

  • Provide and maintain a ubiquitous, reliable, and secure computing environment for the government as well as residents, businesses and visitors. DC-Net is a secure network entering only government facilities and transporting only government communications. It is separate from all publicly available networks. It has demonstrated network availability of 99.997%, surpassing the service level agreement of all commercial networks in Washington, DC.
  • Reduce the cost of government operations while enhancing service through purposeful, innovative technologies. DC-Net is less expensive to agencies than commercial carriers and provides cutting-edge network services and performance unavailable from other networks in the District.
  • Ensure high quality service delivery of technology projects and enforce architectural standards. DC-Net has connected over 140 DCPS buildings (including 70 schools in 150 days) with network services six to sixty times as fast as the previous carrier and installed the services on schedule. It operates a principled, standards-based network.
  • Bridge the digital divide and enable economic development. DC-Net delivers Internet and network services to DCPS, District libraries, community centers, public hospitals, and publicly-available WiFi networks. It is the “first mile” for all District government networking and is the first building block of any digital divide initiative and a catalyst for economic development initiatives that require a network.

The Senior Project Management Consultant is responsible for project management and compliance for the District’s Federal Telecommunication grants, working with staff, cross-functional teams, delivery partners, constituents, Federal government, and others, as necessary.

Behavior Characteristics:

Must possess good communications skills, be organized, have ability to define and socialize new processes, able to effect change in a dynamic environment, comfortable working at many org levels, & must be team-oriented, performance-oriented.

Experience Required: 

  • Responsible for compliance of Federal Grants (10 Years)
  • Responsible for maintaining and tracking overall project plan and schedule (Highly desired)
  • Technology Management Experience (10 Years)
  • Enterprise Project Management Experience (10 Years)
  • Financial Systems Experience (5 Years)
  • Knowledge of information technology, applications, operations (7 Years)
  • Track record of successful project delivery (7 Years)
  • Knowledge of financial systems, accounting principles (5 Years)
  • Experience in strategic planning for IT organizations (6 Years)
  • Excellent Communication and Presentation skills (7 Years)
  • Experience in business process design, documentation (5 Years)
  • Experience with project management, planning software (5 Years)
  • Experience with assuring implementation & execution related audit & Fed reporting (10 Years)
  • Experience writing federal grant applications (10 Years)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Work Location: DC-NET: 655 15th St NW, Ste 400

See Job Order No’s: 79490 & 79455 for instructions on How to Apply at or .

To learn more, visit

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