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The December 2010 Graduation is Almost Here!


This semester is chugging right along like a steam engine and we are getting closer and closer to December graduation. For the 70 or so of you that completed your degree in August or will complete your degree in December, this is a very exciting time! It is going to be a beautiful event.

As you know, graduation will occur at 5pm on December 16th. This is a perfect time for SPS students, right after work and before a great celebratory dinner at your favorite restaurant. Having graduation at the Trinity Center ensures a lovely, climate controlled event with good seats for everyone. There is no separate rehearsal for this event, so please make sure that you are at the Trinity Center by 4pm with your regalia so that you can pick up your hoods and get your families situated for the best pictures.

If you decide to participate in the December graduation, you will have your name called, process across the stage, and get your diploma on the 16th. You can still attend the Commencement in May and process with all of the December graduates. Your name will be listed in the official program and you will be acknowledged by the President, although you will not process again because you will already have your diploma.

There are a couple of things that you need to do beforehand to be ready for graduation:

1) Apply for graduation with Enrollment Services;

2) Complete your Graduation Verification Checklist with your academic advisor (and turn in official transcripts for all non- Trinity courses) by November 15th;

3) Pay all of your Trinity bills (outstanding tuition payments, library fines, parking fees, etc) by December 1st;

4) Purchase your academic regalia at the Bookstore (sales begin on December 2nd);

5) Complete and Submit your December Graduation Reservation Form by December 2ndby clicking on  online RSVP form; and,

6) Complete the Graduation Survey at online graduation survey

Want more information about the December graduation? Go to for everything you need. I will see you there!


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