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Registration for Winter 1 Week Term Starts November 1st


We have a very exciting list of offerings for the Winter semester this year. It is fast, intense, and an excellent opportunity to earn 3 credits towards your degree. If you need another 3 credits to help you graduate in May, this term is for you. Registration begins November 1st.

The Winter term, like the May term, is a one week semester. This year, the Winter Term will last from Monday, January 3rd until Saturday, January 8th.  SPS Classes only run from Monday to Friday. Classes last from 9am until 4pm, giving you approximately 40 contact hours with a subject. You can only take one class at a time in each Winter or May Term.

CRJ 388 International & Domestic Terrorism Thomas Mostowy MTWTHF  
ENGL 268 African American Family on Film Lori Shpunt MTWTHF  
COM 375 Conflict & Communication   Jamie Piland MTWTHF  
PSYC 365 Human Sexuality     Stacey Baugh MTWTHF  
RST 290 Religions of the World   Minerva San Juan MTWTHF  
ISS 610 Contemporary Counterterrorism   John Davis MTWTHF  
BADM 696 Organizational Dynamics   Janine Clarke MTWTHF  
ADMN 605 Group Dynamics     Stanley Nwoji MTWTHF  
ISYS 661 Information Systems Security   Danny T Barnes MTWTHF  
BADM 603 Managerial Communication   TBD   MTWTHF  
COM 680 Topics in Mass Communication Holly Harrington MTWTHF  

 Also- please note that SOCY 421/1 Sociological Theory will be offered in the Spring 2011 semester on an Alternate Weekly format the first and third Saturdays of every month from 8:30am to 12:00pm for graduating Human Relations Students.

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