Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Student receives assistance on an assignment while sitting at her desk Our early childhood education program prepares candidates to meet eligibility requirements for teacher licensure in early childhood education (ages 3-8) in the District of Columbia. Once licensed, candidates also may apply for reciprocity in other jurisdictions. Students complete field-based experiences during their first and second years and a final semester in a school for a full-time student teaching internship. These student teaching internships are in public, charter and private school systems in the Washington metropolitan area, and placements are made by the university. Our courses provide a core of knowledge, skills and field-based experiences and include performance assessments designed to demonstrate the teacherís ability to impact student learning.

Program Fast Facts

Degree Type: Graduates of this program earn a bachelor's degree (B.A.).

Open to: Men and Women

Schedule: Classes are held in the evenings and on weekends.


  • Pre-School Teacher
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Childcare Provider

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