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Political Science (B.A.)

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Barbara Kennelly ’58 engaging with a student

We look to our political science majors to provide the much needed dedication and leadership qualities that can help form a more just society. Our majors and minors study politics and government while actively participating in the political process.

Our program is designed to prepare students for professional employment in local, national and international governmental and political organizations, for law school and graduate programs in public policy, and for life-long citizenship participation.

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Featured Courses

POLS 101 Politics, Power, and You: Democracy at the Crossroads POLS 103 The American Political Process POLS 213 Women and Politics POLS 301 Congress and Policy Making POLS 322 District of Columbia Govt and Poltics POLS 342 International Conflict & Cooperation POLS 443 Seminar on Conflict Theory and Management

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Career Paths

  • Political Consultant
  • Lobbyist
  • Campaign Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Community Program Director
  • Urban Planner
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Lawyer
  • Public Relations Specialist

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In addition to well-known guest speakers, our political science program offers internship and fieldwork credit. Recent internship sites include the White House, Congressional offices, the Office of the U.S. Attorney and the U.S. State Department. These internships offer students knowledge and professional contacts that can lead to further professional opportunities after graduation.

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