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Nursing: Second Degree (B.S.)

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During the COVID-19 emergency, we will not always be able to help you in-person, but we can still help you virtually!  Please use this contact list to stay in touch:

Dr. Denise Pope, Associate Dean and Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Intima Alrimawi, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9685

Dr. Denyse Barkley, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9681

Ms. Shari Blythe, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9696

Mrs. Keisha Rollins-Monroe, Assistant Professor;202-884-9679

Dr. Carrie O’Reilly, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9680

Ms. Sarah R. Trippensee, Nursing Academic Advisor; 202-884-9684

Dr. Mary Romanello; 202-884-9677

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree, but you now want to be a nurse? We offer students like you the opportunity to earn a bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.).

After satisfactorily completing some required preliminary courses, students apply to our nursing program. Our courses lay the foundation for a progressive mastery of the knowledge, skills, values, ethics and abilities required of a professional nurse. While taking nursing courses, students have numerous opportunities to experience firsthand the rewards of nursing in various closely supervised clinical settings.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply for licensure as a registered nurse. Graduates must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to practice as licensed registered nurses.

Prelicensure Nursing Initial Licensure Program Licensure Notification

Successful completion of the pre-licensure nursing academic program at Trinity Washington University will meet the education requirements necessary to pursue initial licensure for nurses in the District of Columbia and most states in which a student intends to practice. Some states have additional requirements such as verification of successful completion of NCLEX-RN examination, completion of a state licensure law test, and fingerprinting for criminal history check.  Students should contact the appropriate state licensing board to determine if the program at Trinity Washington University can lead to licensure in that state and what, if any, additional licensure requirements exist in that state. Trinity stands ready to assist with state licensure questions, and students should consult with their advisor, program director or Dean, in case of doubt.

You may access NCLEX licensure requirements at

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Featured Courses

NURS 350 Medical-Surgical Nursing I NURS 360 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing NURS 410 Leadership and Management of Health Care NURS 420 Community and Public Health Nursing NURS 460 Maternity and Women's Health Nursing NURS 461 Pediatric Nursing NURS 492 NCLEX Preparation

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Career Paths

  • Registered Nurse

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Denise Pope, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer; Denyse Barkley, Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Carrie O'Reilly, Ph.D, RN, Director of Clinical Simulation and Laboratory Operations; Assistant Professor of Nursing; Ms. Keisha Rollins-Monroe, RN, Assistant Professor; Conway Scholar Mentor, School of Nursing and Health Professions; Ms. Kristie Davis, MSN, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Intima Alrimawi, Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Sharie Blythe, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing

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Trinity’s B.S.N. program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (C.C.N.E.) and has conditional approval from the District of Columbia Board of Nursing (D.C.B.O.N.).

Last On-Site Evaluation: Spring 2017.

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