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Our mathematics program provides students with a foundation in mathematics as well as vital skills in oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. In addition to communicating mathematical statements and proofs precisely and logically, students have the ability to translate and represent real-world problems in mathematical language and notation.

Mathematics students are involved in many activities outside the classroom such as serving as mentors and tutors to students in introductory courses. The Ladies FIRST (Fierce in Research, Science, and Technology) club is an organization for students pursuing majors in math or science or in applications of these areas. The goal of Ladies FIRST is to bring together students who are excited by all aspects of the STEM disciplines, to expose students to available career opportunities, and to inform students about summer programs, internships, and graduate programs. The club sponsors talks with professional mathematicians and scientists employed in a variety of academic and nonacademic settings.

Our mathematics students often go on to work in the areas of education, government, industry and research laboratories. Companies in the computer and communications industries employ many mathematicians, as do banks, insurance companies and consulting firms.

In addition to the mathematics major and minor, students interested in further studies in the area of statistics may pursue an individualized minor in applied statistics in consultation with the program chair.

The mathematics faculty is supported by a dedicated team of Instructional Specialists.

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Featured Courses

MATH 125 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I MATH 225 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II MATH 301 Linear Algebra MATH 315 Mathematical Probability and Statistics MATH 325 Multi-Variable Calculus MATH 331 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics MATH 371 History of Mathematics

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Career Paths

  • Financial Analyst
  • Patent Examiner
  • Systems Analyst
  • Bank Officer
  • Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Stockbroker
  • Research Analyst
  • Credit Manager

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