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Journalism and Media Studies (B.A.)

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Students who major in Journalism and Media Studies face the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends, technologies and industry debates.  Journalism is undergoing a comprehensive evolution and that means expanded opportunity for media-savvy students with excellent communication skills.  Today, traditional print and broadcast media outlets incorporate many interactive media tools such as blogs, podcasts, photography and video using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The Journalism and Media Studies program prepares students to think critically, write well and be adaptable communicators able to transition fluidly from one medium to the next.

With a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies, a student who sees herself as a non-fiction storyteller with a passion to educate and engage an audience with words, sounds and visuals, has a career in her future as a digital journalist, media manager or communications specialist.

CAS Students can now major in JAMS! The Journalism and Media Studies degree program is offered in the School of Professional Studies (SPS). In conjunction with SPS, students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) may now also declare the Journalism and Media Studies major while meeting the CAS general education curriculum requirements and course pre-requisites.

Journalism and Media Studies Student Profiles

Dayna Hood, ’18- Frank Karel Fellow
“Being in the Journalism and Media Studies program at Trinity has taught me to step outside of my comfort zone. It has shaped me into a stronger and more confident woman. With the guidance of my professors, I’ve improved my skills in writing, graphic design photography and journalism. I have been inspired to combine these skills with my passion for fashion and makeup artistry which resulted in creating my own digital and print magazine called Color Story.

I definitely recommend Trinity’s Journalism and Media Studies program to any prospective student. If you are unsure of the direction you’d like to take in your career, definitely come find your strength at Trinity Washington University. You’ll emerge feeling like the best possible version of yourself and you will continue to grow as a student and as a human!”

Venita Newsome, Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society
My participation in the Journalism and Media Studies program has been life changing. In addition to learning new skills, such as writing and handling the stress of deadlines, I have grown as a person and become more comfortable with taking risk towards achieving my goals. Through the study abroad program, I traveled to study in South Africa which opened a new international network of opportunities.

I highly recommend the Trinity Washington University Journalism and Media Studies program to anyone who is considering a career in journalism and media because everyone on the staff is professional, well informed, and passionate about teaching their students and guiding them through the process of being prepared for a career. They are encouraging and accessible when you need them.”

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Featured Courses

JAMS 200 Multicultural Media History JAMS 302 Multi-media Storytelling JAMS 322 Sport Reporting and Writing JAMS 410 Advanced Reporting and Writing in Hyper-Local Newsroom JAMS 415 Political Campaign Coverage JAMS 418 Gender, Race, and Class in the Media

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Career Paths

There is a diverse range of jobs related to journalism and media studies.  Students need to be mindful that every career path is different.   A very competitive field requires students to be self-motivated and industrious and to consider gaining practical experience through internships to gain additional work experience.  Students with this degree can expect to find job as a:

Multimedia Specialist
Television/Radio/Film/Video Producer
Web Content Provider
Social Media Specialist
Broadcast Journalist
Media Planner
Public Relations Officer
Communication Specialist
Program Researchers
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Copywriter
Broadcast Presenter
Broadcast Journalist
Information Officer
Magazine Journalist

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