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Barbara Kennelly '58 discusses current events with a student Trinity’s general studies students hone their critical thinking and writing skills while enjoying the flexibility of choosing their own areas of focus according to their interests and experiences. We provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to academic learning based on the view of human knowledge as integrated, related to experience and inseparable into different spheres. Our students attain skills and knowledge at the intersection of different academic disciplines in a coherent program of study.

An excellent degree completion program for students with transfer credits, our general studies program allows for a specialization in humanities or for the creation of an individualized degree program. We prepare students for many post-degree paths, including employment in the helping professions, human resources, public relations, public policy and government-related fields as well as graduate study in these areas or in general studies, law and business.

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Featured Courses

ENGL 271 Literature of the African Diaspora GST 100 Humanity and Culture GST 101 Fundamentals of Economics GST 212 Fundementals of Accounting GST 400 Senior Seminar in the Humanities GST 401 Transforming Education into Action PHIL 365 Readings in the Philosophy of Science

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Career Paths

  • Human Resources Associate
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Public Policy Associate
  • Lawyer
  • Politician / Political Advisor
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Teacher / Professor

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