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Early Childhood Community Education (B.A. )

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Trinity’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Community Education is the optimal degree program for scholars whose career goals do not require state teaching certification. The Community Education curriculum will combine education and humanities courses that will adequately prepare students for working in a variety of youth educational services that do not require state licensure.

At Trinity, the B.A. degree in Early Childhood Community Education will allow students to specialize in one of three areas that are exceptionally unique to the DC metropolitan area: Equity and Justice Trauma-Informed Leadership, and Special Education.

Our courses provide a core of knowledge, skills and field-based experiences and include performance assessments designed to demonstrate the teacher’s ability to impact student learning.

For students who are interested in pursuing licensure as an early childhood teacher, Trinity also offers a B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education.

 Acceptance Criteria

  • A minimum grade of “B” (3.0) or better in all courses taken as major requirements (both pre-acceptance EDCC and EDTE courses and all courses taken as major requirements).
  • Overall GPA of at least 2.5.

Program Format

  • Flexible Scheduling (evenings and weekends)
  • Formal acceptance into the program is required
  • 58 credit hours for the major
  • 120 credit hours for the degree

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Featured Courses

Pre-Acceptance Major Requirements (22 credits) Students take ALL of these courses before admission into the early childhood education program: • EDCC 205 Children, Families, Culture and the Community in Early ChildhoodEDCC 207 Development of Learning Experiences in Early Childhood EducationEDCC 211 Development of Early Childhood Oral Language and Literacy SkillsEDCC 213 Observation, Description and Measurement of Growth in Early ChildhoodEDCC 220 Foundations of EducationEDCC 250 Technology in EducationEDTE 232 Art and Movement in the ClassroomEDTE 492 Praxis Preparation Major Requirements (36 credits) Students take ALL of the following courses after admission into the program: • EDCC 330 Education of Exceptional Children and YouthEDCC 340 Teaching and LearningEDTE 301 Classroom ManagementEDTE 401 Classroom AssessmentEDTE 421 Emergent LiteracyEDTE 430 Theory and Practice of Oral Language and Literacy in Early LearningEDTE 432 Curriculum Construction and Integration for Early LearningEDTE 436 Theory and Practice of Early Learning in Math & ScienceEDTE 473 Student Teaching in Elementary EducationEDTE 499 Advanced Seminar in Teaching

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Career Paths

Teacher in Childcare Center
Childcare Center Director
Early Childhood Teacher in Non-Public Charter School (that does not require licensure)
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant in Special Education

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Dr. Marie Celeste, Director of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programs

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