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Counseling (M.A.)

The School of Education offers two programs for graduate students who wish to become professional counselors:

We also offer a discounted non-degree program for students who already hold an M.A. in School Counseling and wish to complete the additional 12 credits required to meet eligibility requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C.) credential:


The Trinity Washington University Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling Programs’ mission is to prepare candidates to become Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified School Counselors who work in a myriad of settings including medical, community, educational, and private practice. Our program prepares students to engage in social justice policy, advocacy, and research as it effects and reflects the profession of Counseling and the well-being of the diverse clients, students, communities, families, and institutions that we serve. We define Counseling as a multi-dimensional profession through which individuals act through their specific training to help individuals, couples, families, agencies, and institutions perform at their optimal level according to the ethical guidelines and principles of cultural competence and social justice.

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