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Business Administration (B.A.)

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Business students hosting a presentationBusiness Administration students are curious about themselves and the changing world around them, and they enjoy taking initiative and gaining new experiences. Our business program prepares students for leadership in 21st-century organizations with possible careers in businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

Our program provides a new way to view the interconnected world and covers a range of topics such as the impact of social media, climate change and work/life balance. The program emphasizes leadership development skills which will help students determine career choices and learn to lead them selves and others. Emphasis is placed on interactive class room discussion,  FINISHES 11-2013career shadowing and a range of guest speakers who bring their experience into the classroom to help our students plan their own future. A business degree is extremely flexible, and our students’ options after graduation are limited only by their interests and willingness to find organizations that suit them.

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Featured Courses

BADM 110 Foundations of Management BADM 223 Managerial Accounting BADM 231 Theory and Practice of Marketing BADM 236 Theories of Leadership BADM 240 People Management BADM 328 Business, Government, and Society BADM 350 HON:Understanding Global Institutions

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Career Paths

  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • International Business
  • Health Care Management
  • Educational Administration

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Recent Internships include:

  • YMCA of Metropolitan DC
  • CWP Consulting
  • Congressional District Office of Congresswoman Donna Edwards
  • Program Development Department, YMCA of Metropolitan DC
  • Privacy Office, Department of Homeland Security


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Recent awards won by students include:

  • Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Summer Arabic Language and Media Studies Scholarship
  • Academic Internship Appointment at the National Air and Space Museum awarded through the James E. Web for Minority Students in Business and Public Administration

Recent post-graduation achievements and positions include:

  • M.S., Columbia University’s School of Journalism
  • Archivist, Heurich House Museum (Washington, DC)

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