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Adirondack Chronicles 2013.3

- Loons, eagles and common mergansers..... the cycle of life in the wild is endlessly instructive.
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Adirondack Chronicles XXXVIII

- Paddling through the rough waters is worth it!
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Adirondack Chronicles XXIX

- stony creek eagle (Large) What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with my bald eagle friends!  But this juvenile bald eagle (they’re brown mottled until about 5 years old when they develop that distinctive white head and black feathers) didn’t want…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXVIII — Loon Special!

- Forget about Dr. Spock and other parenting guides…. to see real attentive parenting in action, sit by the side of a lake and watch the loons with their chicks! loon family again (Large) Loon parents are hyper-focused on raising their young during the first…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXVII

- Feathery winged things thrive in the deep forests and lush wetlands of the Adirondacks.  Summer is a brief season here — with nights in the 40’s and days barely making it to the 70’s sometimes, Washingtonians might wonder if “summer”…
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