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Dr. King, Rep. Lewis, President-elect Trump: The Power of Words

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that the worst thing we can do is to remain silent in the face of oppression.
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Je Suis Charlie

- If we cannot have freedom of speech and expression, what is left of our humanity?
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Feeding the Beast

- NPR caves into political pressure. Whatever happened to freedom of the press? All organizations that receive public funds should be paying close attention...
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Right But Wrong

- Supremes are right on free speech, but Westboro is absolutely wrong to torment the families of slain soldiers. Pastor Phelps needs some lessons in true Christianity.
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Looting Antiquity

- Protesting tyranny is essential, but looting antiquity is a crime.
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Google Gonzo

- If you Google yourself, you need to accept the consequences!
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Voices of Trinity: Constitution Day I

- image_preview Every year on September 17, we observe Constitution Day, a moment to reflect on the great foundation of our democracy.  Colleges and universities are required by law to observe this day in some manner.  This year at Trinity, one of…
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