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Class of 2017 Arrives! Welcome!

- Blue Class of 2017 beings to arrive on campus! Welcome!
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We’re All Snobs Now

- So much silly rhetoric in this presidential campaign!
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Calculating College Worth

- In an era when many questions arise about the value of a college education, Trinity is worth it!
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Fries with that?

- salt_shaker_chasing_french_fries_md_wht There’s an ad on the radio for McDonald’s that makes my blood run cold.  One in 12 working Americans, intones an unctuous voice, have received their “training” at McDonald’s.  The voice says this with a tone of pride.   That’s about…
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Phenomenal Trinity Women

- FRIENDS 2 (Small) We’ve been welcoming more than 700 new students to Trinity in the last few days — 700+!!  We are experiencing a remarkable surge in all of our student populations — several hundred women and men entering our School of Professional…
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The Great Migration

- UHAUL 2 (Medium) All weekend, the conga line of U-Haul trailers and SUVs fully loaded with more stuff than anyone can imagine snaked down Cuvilly Drive in the glorious rite of passage known as move-in days for new resident students at Trinity.   The…
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