- Real men don't call women "Miss Piggy"
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Celebrating Seniors: Airen Washington @NMAAHC

- Airen Washington '17 exemplifies the values of Trinity today as we celebrate our seniors at the Cap & Gown Convocation!
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Constitution Day: Electoral College Edition!

- A slim majority of the Trinity community says, "Abolish the Electoral College!" Others say, "Not so fast!" Join the debate!
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September 11th’s Bitter Legacy

- September 11 plays through the 2016 election: will we choose optimism or fear?
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Trinity Straw Poll Election 2016

- Trinity's campus community is politically active with many different views of the candidates and issues!
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Voices of Trinity: New Students Speak Out on Issues

- New Trinity Students have a lot to say about the issues in the presidential election! They follow in the great tradition of Trinity Women exerting political leadership in the world!
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The List: Olympic Edition!

- Media are paying entirely too much attention to one guy whose lies should make him slink away in shame. Meanwhile, the American Women are winning everything!
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Strong. Powerful. Women. Champions!

- American Olympic Women Athletes are an inspiration for all of us! Congratulations to all champions!
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Trinity’s Changing Landscape

- Trinity's campus has evolved to meet the needs of each generation. We eagerly anticipate the opening of the Payden Center for classes in Fall 2016!
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Purple Hearts and Shameful Acts

- Purple Hearts are all about pain, suffering and heroism; they are not props for cheap political gimmicks.
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