A Message from Sr. Margaret

- See this short video greeting from Sr. Margaret Claydon!
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Happy New Year!

- Trinity has a big agenda in 2016!
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Sending Christmas Greetings to Sr. Margaret Claydon!

- Merry Christmas to Sr. Margaret Claydon, our beloved President Emerita!
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Holiday Treat – Look Inside the New Academic Center!

- A chance to spend an hour inside our new academic center was an early Christmas present for faculty and staff who were dazzled by the new instructional spaces. Thanks to the wonderful Clark Team for making it happen!
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New Red Roof In The Neighborhood!

- Trinity's iconic skyline of red roofs has a new addition emerging on the new Academic Center. Red tile roof installation on the Franklin Street side is progressing, and soon, we'll see the red roof on the front side as well!
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You Are Welcome Here

- In a world beset with sorrow, terror and revenge, Trinity is a place of welcome and hospitality, respect, faith, hope and belief in the power of reason. All who share these values are welcome here.
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Preaching Peace in the Age of Destruction

- Searching for moral leadership amid the political cacophony and violence around us.
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Giving Thanks

- Giving thanks for the many blessings we share in and through Trinity!
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Demagogues and Democracy

- Demagoguery is a disservice to our Democracy. Presidential candidates need to show more respect for truth and fundamental American values of human rights and religious freedoms.
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Missouri, Iowa, and Moral Emptiness in Presidential Politics

- Students voice a level of moral leadership on racial justice and equality that is absent from the current presidential campaign rhetoric.
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