Adirondack Chronicles 2016.6

- Loons take great care of their chicks, and the big birds and small wild things abound...
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.5

- Hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies, all part of the regenerative cycles of nature.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.4

- Don't be a frog's lunch!
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.3

- John Muir: "Let nature's peace flow into you."
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Dr. Rewa Burnham Reflects: “We Cannot Wait”

- We must defeat racial hatred and violence. We must stand up, be counted, and get to work to end this plague.
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American Exceptionalism

- Our national shame of violence, racial hatred, and murderous attacks on police. America is exceptional but for the wrong things.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.2

- Adirondack wild things screech and squawk about the state of politics...
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.1: Independence Day

- Happy 4th of July from the beautiful lakes and woods of the North Country!
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- Pulling up the drawbridges and filling the moats with alligators will not create a safer, more economically secure world for anyone.
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Again. Orlando.

- Mother Jones said it best: Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living. We need to fight harder for the safety and security of all people.
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