Voices of Trinity: Inauguration Edition Part 4 – 60’s and 70’s Alumnae Comments

- Alumnae of the 1960's and 70's have always been politically engaged. They have great ideas for what President Trump should say in his inauguration speech!
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Voices of Trinity: Inauguration Edition Part 3: Alumnae Ideas for Trump Speech

- We asked Trinity alumnae and alumni what they hope to hear in President Trump's inauguration speech. We got an earful!
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Voices of Trinity: Presidential Inauguration Edition, Part 2: Alumnae Speak

- More than 560 Trinity alumnae and alumni have taken the straw poll on the presidential inauguration --- and they have a lot to say! This is the first of several installments summarizing the poll results.
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Dr. King, Rep. Lewis, President-elect Trump: The Power of Words

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that the worst thing we can do is to remain silent in the face of oppression.
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Voices of Trinity: Presidential Inauguration Edition Part 1

- The 58th Presidential Inauguration takes place next Friday, and the Trinity campus community has a lot of opinions about the issues at stake! Straw polls return! Stay tuned to this blog for more poll results as the week goes along....
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Voices of Trinity: Graduates with Pride and Perseverance!

- Trinity celebrates our latest graduates receiving their degrees at the 2017 Winter Graduation. Congratulations to all!
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A New Year’s Challenge for All of Us

- In 2017 let us reaffirm our commitment to stand for freedom and justice for all.
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Season of Light and Hope

- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our Trinity Family and Friends!
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Solidarity with Dreamers

- College presidents across the country have joined in solidarity to express support for Dreamers.
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A Habit of Gratitude

- We have so much to give thanks for at Trinity.... we cultivate the habit of gratitude each day!
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