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Pat McGuire has been the president of Trinity Washington University since 1989.
The List: Olympic Edition!

- Media are paying entirely too much attention to one guy whose lies should make him slink away in shame. Meanwhile, the American Women are winning everything!
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Strong. Powerful. Women. Champions!

- American Olympic Women Athletes are an inspiration for all of us! Congratulations to all champions!
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Trinity’s Changing Landscape

- Trinity's campus has evolved to meet the needs of each generation. We eagerly anticipate the opening of the Payden Center for classes in Fall 2016!
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Purple Hearts and Shameful Acts

- Purple Hearts are all about pain, suffering and heroism; they are not props for cheap political gimmicks.
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That Girl

- Do women leaders really need "humanizing?" Why "that girl" language demeans all of us.
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History, Her Story, Our Story

- Hillary Clinton's nomination raises the standard for women's political opportunities and responsibilities.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016: Until Next Year!

- Cool nights and beautiful sights!
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.7

- Loons --- the real ones --- steal the show.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.6

- Loons take great care of their chicks, and the big birds and small wild things abound...
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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.5

- Hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies, all part of the regenerative cycles of nature.
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