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Suffer the Little Children


“Let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

Pray for the Children and Families
Sandy Hook Elementary School
December 14, 2012

Messages of support and condolence from the Trinity Community to the Sandy Hook Community:

We feel your loss and we are deeply saddened by the tragic news. May god fill your hearts with grace and help you get through these hard times. Blessings.  (May Saffar, ESL Specialist)

I am a believer God does not make mistakes.  For whatever reason events happen; tragic and horrific as they may be, I believe that there is always a message for us to carry away from the event.  I will not let my faith in God waver and I will continue to believe that he is the author and finisher.  My prayers go out to all of these families that they may find some peace and continue to believe that God is with them during this emotional time.  We must keep hope and faith in our hearts. (Pamela Porter, Student)

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6 Responses to Suffer the Little Children

  1. mcguirep says:

    Dear anonymous, Thanks for your expression of concern. Trinity has a very strong track record of ensuring the safety and security of all people on campus, and we spend a great deal of time and money on continuous improvements to the security system. Every time there’s an incident like the tragedy in Sandy Hook, we review our procedures, do more training of our security personnel, and add additional protections. You may not see all of the protections because constant surveillance is part of our program. No security system is fail-safe but we are constantly vigilant and attentive to security challenges. I appreciate your concern, thanks for letting me know, and feel free to write more about your specific concerns to me on email at

    President Pat McGuire

  2. anonymous says:

    What is Trinity going to do to protect its students and staff? The “security” here has zero capability of stopping a shooting or violent situation.

  3. A sincere love will never die. The memory of those who were loved will live forever in our hearts

  4. Virginia Broaddus says:

    We lift Sandy Hook up in prayer and wrap it in sympathy for which there are, quite simply, not enough words.

  5. Regina McCoy says:

    My Heart Goes Out To All The Families Of The Victims . Words Cannot Express The Pain That Your Are Feeling , I Am Deeply Sorry For Your Loss & Will Keep You And Your Family In My Prayers . God Bless .

  6. David McBride says:

    This unspeakable tragedy merits our prayers for the victims and their families along with the entire Newtown community. Mental health support will also be needed for those traumatized for years to come. I pray that healing comes to those who need it as soon as God wills.

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