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Voices of Trinity: Messages to the Trinity Family in NJ, NY and Hurricane Zone


(Hurricane Sandy, NASA Photo, October 29, 2012)

The Trinity campus community has our vast Trinity family in our thoughts and prayers this week, especially our alumnae, alumni, families and friends in the hurricane zone.  In times like this, while words may seem so small in the face of the great devastation, they convey our sense of solidarity with our extended family spanning a vast band of geography, personal history, professional experience and social circumstances, united today in care and concern for those most afflicted by the cruel ways of nature’s fury.  On this blog and through this week, the Trinity campus community —- students, faculty, staff, friends — share messages for the members of the Trinity family suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and all victims of the storm.

Here are messages from the Trinity community to the world: (New messages posted throughout the day on the top of the list, please check back periodically for new messages…)

To all the alumnae suffering from Sandy’s wrath I send the loving support and prayers of all our Sisters here at Trinity. May the Trinity bless you and protect you all, and give you the courage, strength. faith and resources to trust in His love and goodness. 
(Sister Margaret Claydon, President Emerita)

I join the Trinity community with prayers and concern.  You are all remembered in our daily Masses in the Convent Chapel.
(Sister Camilla Burns, SND ’60, Professor of Religious Studies at Trinity)

Our heartfelt prayers are with you during this harsh and difficult time. Please know that although we do not know your pain we share in your sorrow. As your Trinity Family we are here to support and encourage you, we will continue to stand together and pray you through this.
(Tyronda Marshall, Graduate Candidate, MA Communications)

I am sorry to hear sisters who lost their love ones. They are in my prayers.
(Geny Ramos ’16)

Please know that you all are cherished and loved.  My prayers and heartfelt wish is for your wisdom, courage, and resolve to emerge from this with an even stronger spirit to go forward in happiness at contemplating your futures.
(Patricia Davis, Class of 2013)

Dear Trinity Sisters, I am so very sorry for the devastation brought upon you by the hurricane. The work of rebuilding will no doubt be exhausting, but please know that we are all pulling for you. And that no matter what you have lost, houses and possessions are only part of the life we’ve built, for as the poet Ikkyuu Soojun (1394-1481) once put it,
“My real dwelling
has no pillars
And no roof either
So rain cannot soak it
And wind cannot blow it down”
(Cristina Parsons, Associate Professor of Economics)

As a fairly new member of the Trinity community and “sisterhood,” I just want all of you as alumnae/i to know how much I am praying for you, for strength and perseverance during these difficult days ahead.  Hold close your Trinity family, our loving support…
(Sister Mary Ellen Dow, S.N.D., Campus Ministry)

Dear Trinity Sisters, its unfortunate for the disaster of the storm to destroy your homeland , but know that we are here for you and that this is only a moment  of sadness that will eventually pass ..God bless
(Robin Thomas, student)

Hi i would just like to say
You are in my prayers!
(Cha’ttel Reed ’14)

To members of our Trinity family:   Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families during these difficult days.  Please remain strong, and know that each of you are carried in our hearts.
(Margy Reagan ’78, Director of Alumnae Affairs)

My thoughts and prayers for everyone’s safety, and safe return to their homes and their families. 
(Meg Ann Imig, SPS MSA 2014)

God continue to look over our Trinity family, big and small. Strengthen the families to come together in these times of crisis in love, & in trusting you papa. Put a song in their heart and a stead-fastness in their resolve to depend on you in all things. Amen
(T. Destry, student)

“You are not alone. Many have gone before you. Many will go after you. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep going.”
(Tierra Mimms ’14)

I am sending prayers for all of you who have suffered as a result of hurricane Sandy.  I am sure that all of us spend all of our time just living our lives and, when something like this happens, a strength that we didn’t know existed rises up and helps us to get through somehow.  I am thinking of all of you as each day passes and I hope that life will return to normal as soon as possible.
(Dr. Teresa Panniers, Director of Nursing)

I know it will take time to comprehend what happen. But you will get through it. Despite the disaster that has happen. Even though I don’t know you I’m glad for you all to be alive. This is the process of rebuilding will be hard. Strength is already within you. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
(Margaret Hartzog, Class of 2014)

I just want the people of New York and New Jersey to know my thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. I wish for a speedy recovery.  God speed.  My son Vince lives in New York and I am just happy that he is safe.
(Marcia Boyd, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services)

In 2003 when Hurricane Isabel hit the Maryland area, my Mom’s house was severely damaged, a huge tree fell in her bedroom and the house not habitable.  I share that to let you know I have experienced what you are going through and send this message to say be encouraged, no matter how things appear — keep the faith and hope alive and most importantly remember you can do all things through God who strengthens you!
(Phyllis Kittrell, Graduate Candidate 2014)

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May He make His light to shine upon you in this time of devastation.  For we know that with God ALL things are possible. I pray for your continued safety and speedy recovery.  May all that has been taken from you be RESTORED by the power, grace and mercy of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ.  May the Peace of Christ be with you always, Your Trinity Sister and Alum,
(Diane Peters – Class of 1976 and MSA Candidate for 2014)

I am praying  and have been praying for all the families impacted by Sandy. I pray that God will provide and meet the need of each family members and that in the mist of these difficulties that God will  give them the peace, wisdom and support they will need to move forward.
(Chimene Castor, Ed.D,RD/LDN, Adjunct Faculty)

I would like to pray for them that their homes will get rebuild and I hope that the families are okay from this massive storm. Things will look better. 🙂 

“And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive”, St Matthew 21:22. I ask that God guide and protect those affected by the hurricane. May they realize they are in the prayers of friends.
(Deb Wirwicz RN, MSN, Adjunct Faculty)

For all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey, My prayers are with you and your loved ones.
(Kelley Brinkley, Class of 2013)

May the Lord, in all HIS POWER, protects and blesses you ALL!!! God bless!!!

Please continue to be safe and trust God with rebuilding what has been lost.  The devastation is over, so please rejoice and be happy that you are alive.
(Monique Johnson, Blue Class 2013)

To those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy stay strong, remember there’s always sunshine after rain. I know this time is tough, but I also know you guys will pull through. You guys are in my prayers.
(Yasmeen Newman, Class of 2015)

My family and I would like to send our heart felt words of sympathy by saying; Let us embrace life and continue to pray and hope that together we all can pull through the effects of Hurricane Sandy and peace and  blessings as we move forward to repair our heart and souls for brighter days and happier times.
(Patricia McNair, student)

The Jersey Shore: As a South Jersey “girl,” I know first-hand what has been lost along our precious coast. My prayers and good wishes go out to all of you who have suffered untold loss because of this horrific storm. May St. Marianne Cope, one of our newest saints, intercede for you and your families for the full recovery of what has been ripped away.
(Sister Margaret Christi Karwowski, O.S.F., Ph.D., Sister of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities)

May God be with you and your family during this time.  Stay faithful as I am praying for and with you.
(Petrina L.Williams, Class of 2014, Masters of Counseling Program)

My heart goes out to all the members of the Trinity family who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. I hope you find a small amount of comfort in knowing that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
(Morgan Carrillo, Class of 2013)

To all of those who may have been affected by hurricane Sandy, I know that God will make things better and He loves and cares about each of you. Although things seem very hectic at this time, God is in the process of working it all out and will be better than going in.  I will pray for all those involved and ask God to please keep each of you encouraged. May God watch over and keep you up always, Amen.

My prayers and thoughts go to you all. Though I can not begin to imagine what you all are going through I can say keep your faith and continue to hold on, troubles don’t last always! May God be with you and your families in your time of need.
(Dorella Brown, MA in Counseling-Class of 2014)

Trinity Women always fear less and hope more, they talk less and say more – they breathe and love more, and like the sunflower, they turn to the sun.  Remember we are with you … as are our prayers.
(Dr. Minerva San Juan, Associate Professor, Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies)

I am so very sorry to hear that Trinity alumnae and alumni were caught in the hurricane.  I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.  Stay strong and God bless.
(Rahni, year 2014)

I was deeply moved by Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the lives of those who were affected by it. I understand that many people lost their homes, jobs, families, and electricity. I would like to remind our Trinity Alumni that they are in our prayers. I would like them to stay optimistic and have hope for the future. I understand that the pain and pressure to continue with their “normal” lives may be challenging for them, but I would like to extend our arms and hearts to them. Trinity Sisters are always forever!
(Sandra Villegas, Blue Class of 2013)

To the Trinity alumnae that have been affected by Sandy, may my thoughts and prayers for your restoration to wholeness be encouraging and uplifting.
(Terry Albert, School of Professional Studies, Graduate Student)

To my Trinity Sisters, Although I’ve just entered into this wonderful bond of sisterhood as a Trinity Alumnae my heart truly aches for all of you and your families that were affected by the storm. I will continue to pray for you all and thank The Lord our savior that he saw fit to damage property and not our persons. Many people are facing the devastation that Sandy has left behind but I know that Trinity women are resilient and you will bounce back from this. If you ever need a kind word or a smile. This Trinity sister is here for you. May God continue to bless and keep you all. With Love,
(TyKera Marrow,Red Class of 2012)

I wanted to add my comments to the increasing number of responses to your email. I am a new graduate student at Trinity and I would like to express my sincere prayer and hope that those student families as well as the residents of New Jersey and New York are able to overcome any challenges they experienced during the storm.  My son lives in New York and is a sophomore and attends a university there. We spoke often during Hurricane Sandy and thank God, he is doing fine. This is my desire for all those affected by the storm.  They will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
(Sharon Lynch-Harris, MSA Candidate, 2014)

I am so sorry for all you have lost during Hurricane Sandy. My prayers go out to you and your family.
(Xenia Brown)

As a member of the faculty at Trinity, I am concerned for the families and members of Trinity University who may have been affected and sustained hardship by the storm Sandy. I wish them the best in their recovery and pray for the well-being of all their families involved in the storm. 
(Behrouz Meyssami, Ph.D. CAS, SPS Chemistry and Nutrition Adjunct faculty)

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5 Responses to Voices of Trinity: Messages to the Trinity Family in NJ, NY and Hurricane Zone

  1. cynthia morris-colbert - 05/07 says:

    Dear Trinity sisters and family,
    Please know that I am continually lifting you up in prayer. Praying for you and with you. In the name of God (the creator), Jesus (the redeemer) and the Holy Spirit (the sustainer).

  2. Priscilla S. Jamison 95 97 says:

    Trinity family, may God shed his Graces on all during this time of need. Look to Him for comfort and strength for He is our refuge and help in times of trouble.

  3. Mary Drennan Hanlon '83 says:

    My family has been deeply saddened for all the victims of the storm and they are in our continual prayers. A special message goes out to my classmate, Pat McCarthy ’83: Pat, I just read your posting here and I’m so very, very sad for you and your family. Please know that I’m thinking and praying for you all!

  4. Mary Anne Browne Lyons Green class"62 says:

    God has been very good to my family and close friends. My city home-Peter
    Cooper Village is a mess and will be for a very long time. God has spared my East Hampton home and so I have a place to live. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. Mary Anne Lyions

  5. PAT MCCARTHY '83 says:

    Born in Breezy Point and live here with my husband, Frank a member of the FDNY and two Johns. My parents and 7 brothers and sisters and their families are grateful we are alive after Sandy destroyed Breezy Point with fire and floods. Please pray for us all as we search for new places to live if and when we can rebuild. Thank you for all your support.

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