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Powerful Again!


Let’s give a shout-out to the power guys!

Most days we don’t think a lot about electricity.  We expect the lights to go on when we flip that switch.  We expect those phones to stay charged, the wifi to stay on, the fridge to keep humming.  Then, along comes a storm, a gust of wind, a big crash, and ….. darkness. Silence.  Heat. Power-less-ness.

The conga line of tree-removal and power trucks on Sunday afternoon was a joy to behold almost 24 hours after a large tree by the Science Building crashed down onto our power lines during the wicked storm that swept through the region on Saturday afternoon.  Fortunately, this power outage occurred at a time when most classes were over and offices were closed.  But with the increased frequency of violent storms, we also know that power failures have become common, and so this outage was almost familiar.

These crews were fresh from working on far more serious power problems in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama following Hurricane Isaac.  They drove through the night from North Carolina to get to D.C. to work on the storm aftermath here.  These men are seriously proud of their essential importance to the entire functioning of civilization as we know it — and we are grateful to them for their tireless work!

HUGE thanks to TEAM TRINITY!  Tim Knight, on the left above, is our Aramark Director of Facilities, and he was tireless in pursuing the repair crews to be sure they got here on time to do the work so we could be up and running for Monday classes.  Lt. Contee and the entire Security Team were terrific making sure that the campus remained safe during the power outage.  Thanks as well to Mike Burback and Tech Services for keeping our systems running.

Thanks to our Sodexho team for preparing a wonderful picnic lunch for our resident students!

The power crews worked through Sunday evening to get the poles and lines repaired and the power reconnected.  Meanwhile, I was grateful for a day when I could just sit by a window and READ… no computers to distract me!  A day without power is a reminder that we really can function quite well without all of life’s little conveniences.

But as soon as the power came back, a message from a member of the campus community reminded me how important our little conveniences are for modern life: “Will the wi-fi be up promptly?”  Back to reality!  All systems are now up and running —- including the wifi!

Thanks to all members of TEAM TRINITY for your great work over the weekend!

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  1. Elizabeth Palmer '92, President, Alumnae Association of Trinity College says:

    I love it when the campus comes together to keep the place running. Thanks to all of Team Trinity.

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