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August 20: Happy 115th Birthday, Trinity!


THIS JUST IN:  115 years after Trinity was founded (thus relieving the “embarrassment” of Catholic University’s failure to admit women, in the words of Cardinal Gibbons) the august Augusta National Golf Club has decided to admit women!  Well, what d’ya know, miracles do happen.  Imagine where we’d be if feisty, courageous, persistent women simply stayed put and shut up when men glared at them.  (Think on that, brother bishops!)…  Congratulations to Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore for shattering another part of the glass ceiling!

The story never grows old:  on August 20, 1897, a group of five sisters of Notre Dame started a revolution.  These courageous women, anonymous through most of their religious lives, took the audacious step of revealing their secular names as they signed the articles of incorporation for Trinity College.

Know All Men By These Presents, That we, the undersigned, members of the congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, citizens of the United States, to wit: Ella Taylor, Margaret Callahan, Mary O’Shea, Margaret Dempsey, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, and Mary McHugh, known in the above-named Religious Order under and by the names, respectively, of Sister Euphrasia, Sister Teresa of the Sacred Heart, Sister Saint Agnes, Sister Gertrude of the Blessed Sacrament, Sister Cornelia and Sister Ignatius Marie, have associated, and do hereby associate ourselves together the purpose of establishing an institution of learning in the District of Columbia for the higher education of young women; and in order to become a body corporate under the General Incorporation Act of Congress enacted for said District of Columbia we execute these presents, and we do hereby certify as follows:The name by which the said institution of learning or body corporate shall be known in law is “Trinity College.”

115 years later, we shout out their names with joy as we behold the great university that arose from their vision and years of hard work!

Thank you, Sisters of Notre Dame!  Happy Birthday, Trinity!

Today we also welcome the beautiful new Class of 2016, the latest triumph for the vision and persistence of those feisty nuns back in 1897.  Follow this blog in the days to come — I will be writing more about our remarkable new Trinity Women!

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