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Wouldn’t you know it, since I mentioned the drought in my last blog, a massive storm blew across the north country last night.  The photos above and below literally show the front crossing Tupper Lake.  This monster storm caused serious damage in Potsdam about 80 miles away.  We lost power on the mountain where my cabin is located, and my friend Joe who rents me the cabin each year came over to be sure I was ok and to bring a lantern.  Bless his heart, I’m so used to being the one who worries about lanterns and flashlights that, of course, I had none at the moment.  But I assured him that I have a lot of “toys” with screens that glow in the dark.  Gather ’round the Fire… Kindle Fire, that is!

This morning I woke to the yodeling of loons at 5 am on the lake just outside my window.  Many months will go by before I can write a sentence like that again!

Hawks seem especially prevalent along the roads this year…

And there are days when you just don’t know what you’ll find around the next bend in the river…

My mother used to worry about the potential for sharks on the lakes up here, what with the St. Lawrence Seaway being a hundred miles away — and there was actually a news report once about kayakers encountering sharks up there.  I assured her that the creatures here are friendly.  Good thing she never saw the alligator!

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