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Adirondack Chronicles 2012.6


The same drought conditions that are plaguing the nation are taking a toll on the water levels in lakes and streams up here in the North Country — but the flowers remain abundant and colorful.  Some might call this collection “My Favorite Weeds” but even weeds along the roads can be lovely…

The bees sure like these flowers….

The lower water levels have made the proliferation of reeds and lilly pads more extensive than ever…

By the way, speaking of ponds…. I forgot to show the full length of the beaver in my last blog…

That thing protruding from the water above his head is the beaver “paddle” making this quite a long animal!

And, no, I was not in my kayak when I took that photo, I was safely in my car looking out on the pond.

Wilderness lessons:  be prepared for the weather to change suddenly and waves patterns to challenge the most beautiful tours around the lake.  When I started out yesterday it looked like this:

Smooth as glass!  But when I got out on open water in the main part of the lake the winds and waves kicked-in:

Ok, so that looks like a little baby wave, but I hate paddling through whitecaps, not fun.

Wilderness lesson:  paddle directly into the wind to make the most progress.  And NEVER paddle parallel to the wind, that will ensure a rocky ride!

The ducks were happy when I left the lake so they could have it to themselves again…

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