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Adirondack Chronicles 2012.5


Heaven!  Or at least a close approximation…. this view of the sunset over Blue Mountain Lake never gets boring….

But lest you think it’s all about gazing at the beautiful sights…. here’s more news of the ever-intriguing wild things that live just nearby…

Ever see a beaver eat lunch?  Me neither.

Yum.  I might just put that pic on my fridge to inspire my diet….

Ducks are definitely cuter…

But chipmunks definitely win the overall ‘cute’ prize…

This kingfisher went against type to pose for quite a long time for a portrait…

By the way, not all beasts up here are wild.  Some are just plain old barnyard animals.  Like this alpaca…

Ok, so the alpaca is not a “normal” barnyard animal, but there are several alpaca farms up here to supply the artistic textile industry.

This rooster certainly was feeling boastful one day…

Some of the animals are real pigs.

Really!  But I much prefer this view….

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