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Reunion Reveries


Their bags are packed, their plane tickets secure, their cars gassed-up, their spirits high.  Trinity alumnae from all over the country are on the move, heading “home” to Trinity for the annual ritual of Alumnae Reunion.

This year we celebrate with the classes that end in “2” and “7” and other alumnae and alumni are always welcome to join the fun.  We salute, in particular, the Class of 1962 on their 50th Reunion, the golden jubilee moment that, for just this moment, makes this Green Class pure gold.  The Class of 1987 celebrate their 25th — can you believe it? — and how time has flown since our 10th Reunion Class of 2002 graduated!

Yearbook photos capture moments of youthful energy, joy and contemplation on the edge of adult life.  The snapshots from the Class of ’62 Trinilogue that accompany this blog reveal young women on the crest of massive social, political, economic and religious changes that swept through the decade immediately after their graduation in the 1960’s.

John F. Kennedy was midway through his tragically short term as president; Vatican II was just starting; a young pilot called John Glenn rode a rocket into orbit heralding the Space Age.  The young women smiling and posing on the pages of the yearbook had not yet attended a Mass in English; most likely had never heard of the Gulf of Tonkin; had not yet heard Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaim his dream; were probably humming “Hound Dog” by Elvis since the Beatles had not yet imagined “She Loves You.”

The young women marching forth from Notre Dame Chapel in 1962 had high hopes for their futures, but little could they know the challenges and opportunities they would encounter.  Soon they became devoted mothers with wonderful families, dedicated teachers of thousands of children, citizen activists, professional leaders in law and medicine and other fields, college professors and financial wizards, public officials and the first woman ever to be Speaker of the House of the United States.

All of that was in the future on graduation day in 1962, but the power, wisdom and love of the Trinity was flowing through this class from their earliest days.

I invite all reunion classes to share memories for posting on this blog, and I will update with your comments and more yearbook photos from all classes throughout the weekend.  Send your comments by clicking on the “comments” link below, or send me an email at

Happy Reunion!

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One Response to Reunion Reveries

  1. Maggie L. Simpson says:

    It is hard to believe that this time last year, I was arriving in Washington to “come home” to celebrate my 5th Reunion with my beloved Green Class of 2006. Reunion Weekend was beautiful; it was everything I could have wished for — a chance to catch up with dear friends and to walk the halls of Main as if no time had passed at all. I hope that all the classes celebrating this weekend have a fantastic time filled with fun and a chance to make new memories. Congrats to the Class of ’62 on 50 years, and kudos to all those who make this weekend a success. Happy Reunion!
    -Maggie Simpson
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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