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Trinity’s Aramark Champions!


Congratulations to Trinity’s Exceptional Facilities Services Team!

Trinity’s Amazing Facilities Team claimed “The Aramark Cup” for operational excellence at a special ceremony in O’Connor Auditorium on Tuesday, March 20.  This is the FIRST Aramark Cup ever awarded, so it’s a very special distinction for Trinity’s team.  Executives from Aramark were on hand to award the cup along with certificates for every member of our staff.  Facilities Director Tim Knight accepted the cup on behalf of the team, and everyone enjoyed the good cheer and delightful sense of accomplishment.

Please join me in extending our deep thanks and hearty congratulations to Tim and everyone who works so hard on our Facilities Team.  You can add your congratulations by clicking on the “comment” link below.

Trinity is very grateful to Aramark for more than a decade of excellent partnership.  While we are a relatively small campus, our facilities are old and somewhat complicated (no surprises there!).  Before Aramark came to Trinity, we had a hard time keeping up with the many challenges posed by century-old facilities.  Now, after a decade of addressing old problems with deferred maintenance and systems overhauls, Trinity and Aramark are beginning a long-term effort to upgrade and modernize our facilities to be more functional for modern life.

Some of the critically important projects that the Aramark team have already completed, in partnership with other contractors, include the new elevator in Main Hall; the soon-to-be-completed (!) Marble Corridor restrooms; the upgrades to Alumnae Hall and Main Hall for residences; replacements and refurbishments of boilers, chillers and roofs all over campus; restoration of the interior of Main’s dome after earthquake damage; complete renovation of the drainage system and foundation support for Notre Dame Chapel.  And those are just a few of the top-line items!

Beyond those big projects, we are so grateful to the hard-working Facilities staff who clean our buildings every day, who respond to countless work requests, who do all of the setups for meetings, who clear the snow, plant the spring flowers, maintain the grounds and constantly work on calibrating and managing the heating and cooling systems all over campus.  This group of dedicated professionals does the hardest manual labor on our campus with good cheer, great devotion to excellence, and real pride in their work for Trinity.

Thank you, Facilities Team, and many thanks to our partners at Aramark for recognizing Team Trinity!

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  1. Congratulations and much gratitude to each of you for the fine work you do for us each day. This recognition is much deserved and I am so happy for you and for Trinity!

  2. wanschurak says:

    Congratulations to the whole Trinity team! What an honor and wonderful recognition of all of the fabulous work we know you do!!

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