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Strange and Wondrous Happenings


(Some members of Trinity’s Wondrous New Class of 2015, photo courtesy of Trinity PR)

Any week that has me writing not once, but several times, to the campus community with words like “earthquake” and “hurricane” in the message lines is truly an extraordinary week!  But amid all of that strange rocking and rolling and gusting and blustering, something truly wondrous did happen on Trinity’s campus — we welcomed our marvelous Gold Class of 2015!!

2015!! Wow, who knew?  They came upon us as we were holding onto our desktops for dear life…. not a moment too soon!

And what remarkable students they are!  So many proud stories of persistence and triumph over challenges, high ambition and the passionate commitment to leadership and service to others.

Our new students in the College of Arts and Sciences had a real treat last Tuesday when ABC News Producer Perita Carpenter ’02 gave the keynote address at the new student convocation.  Her address, “The Four C’s of College:  Choices, Changes, Challenges and Commitments” should be required reading (or listening, watching, you can see the video on our website!) for all students.

I also had the pleasure of telling the new CAS students a little about themselves as revealed in their admissions essays and application data.  See “A Light Across the River”, a title that incorporates a beautiful phrase coined by one of our new first year students.

In the last week, Trinity has enrolled more than 2,600 students total, including more than 800 new students — an all-time high in those categories.  As well, Trinity College — the College of Arts and Sciences our women’s college — has now topped 1,000 students for the first time in Trinity’s history.  The resurgence of our women’s college is one of the greatest success stories in contemporary higher education, and a great example of the fact that a devoted faculty using innovative methods to ensure student success can make a huge difference in the lives of young women.

Nearly 400 new students have joined CAS this fall, and they come from all corners of the globe.  They are a very diverse group of students who share a passionate goal to secure their college degrees so that they can work to change their families, communities and world.  Their stories are so compelling, their energy and vision infectious.

We have also welcomed nearly 400 women and men into our three professional schools — School of Professional Studies, School of Nursing and Health Professions, School of Education.  One of the most wondrous characteristics of Trinity today is the amazingly strong embrace of our history and tradition that our professional students manifest.  I am so touched when I see all those TRINITY sweatshirts dashing along the Marble Corridor not only at 10 am but even at 10 pm when the final classes let out for the day.  The desire to achieve great things both academically and professionally drives all of our students in all programs.

More to come on our great new students and wonderful happenings at Trinity!  We’ve welcomed everyone with a bigger bang than usual — and now, let’s get on with the important work of teaching and learning to transform the world!

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  1. Elizabeth Palmer '92, President, Alumnae Association of Trinity College says:

    On behalf of your Alumnae Association, WELCOME Gold Class of 2015! We are so happy to have you on campus and in the ranks of Trinity alums throughout the ages. You already inspire us, and we look forward to celebrating all of your achievements. Every student who walks the halls of Trinity changes the school in some way, and you are now one of the threads in our rich tapestry. Good luck!

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