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Monthly Archives: August 2011

An Unconscionable Great Divide

- D.C. tops the list of hungry children in a recent study, but a Gallup poll says we're the most economically optimistic place in the nation. Go figure!
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Strange and Wondrous Happenings

- Trinity's new students started off the year with a bigger bang than usual!
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- Mother Nature reminds us that she continues to be the world's Most Powerful Woman!
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Moratorium on Willful Ignorance

- Academics, unite! We must insist that our public leaders be good examples of higher learning, accuracy, truthfulness and effective intellectual discourse.
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Fried Butter Politics

- Americans should grow up and demand a better way of picking a president.
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The Biggest Losers

- Recent report from the Children's Defense Fund confirms that children are the biggest losers in the economic catastrophes of our times.
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Note to Congress: Fix Your Own Mess!

- Congress has done so well with its own work, it now wants to get into teacher education. Be very afraid.
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