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Adirondack Chronicles Return! XXXVI


I forgot the blissful silence in the Adirondack night.

On my first night in the Adirondacks, my brain is on fire.  Obligations forsaken weigh heavily… reports unfinished, correspondence pending, family matters needing attention, personnel concerns, an organization on whose board I sit needing some advice, my neighbors back home wanting me to do something about my fence.  The noise is deafening.  I swear I will never again mix a bottle of 5-hour energy with Diet Coke while driving the NY Thruway.

But then, the cool blanket of the Adirondack night tamps down the flames, and the silence begins to have its intended effect.  This is a silence that is deeper and more profound than ever possible in a city.  Birds stop chirping after dark.  Night beasts prowl about on velvet pads.  On a windless night, not even the patter of lapping waves interrupts the utter silence of the forest.

By the second night, I can sleep through the night with not even one thought of paperwork undone or conversations replaying on endless loops.

By the third night, I begin to forget what it was I was supposed to be worried about.

This is why I come to the north woods.  Peace and quiet, blessed solitude, the restorative powers of nature.

My first day out on the water, the deer and fawns, ducks and chicks and other wild thingsare doing their annual ritual, moms teaching the kids how to swim and be safe.

This young merganser saw me coming and quickly scooted away…

The spruce grouse glares at me…

And the frog knows that he’ll be long gone before I have a chance to catch him…

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2 Responses to Adirondack Chronicles Return! XXXVI

  1. elizabeth palmer '92 says:

    HOO-RAY for the return of the Adirondack Chronicles!!

  2. Catherine Longley says:

    What a Beautiful entry! Glad you have time to relax!

    Katy Longley

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