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Yes, there is other news — the debt ceiling vote failed, Obama’s poll numbers are tanking, ZaZa Gabor’s house is for sale — but The List that Keeps On Giving is an irresistible siren call for one more blog….

But repeating the same old list is plain old boring, even with the amazing Weiner tale.  So, adding some relish to these dogs…. who is the Biggest Liar?   I mean, really, the infidelities are bad enough, but isn’t the real story the complete lack of honesty and integrity in people who supposedly hold the public trust?

Who’s the wurst, er, worst?

Tony Weiner sure has set the bar pretty low.  Lying to Breitbart?  Ugh.

John Edwards is pleading ‘not guilty’ to using campaign money to hush up his honey.  Of course, he’s entitled to plead innocence, if he really is, but heck, he’s not been too innocent thus far….

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is also pleading ‘not guilty’ so we can look forward to the salacious details of the former IMF chief chasing the Sofitel hotel maid down the corridor while he was “au naturel” as they say in France…

And then there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger whose secret son by his staff squeeze was 10 years old before he got around to ‘fessing up to Maria.

Of course, all of today’s headline-grabbers might use the “That Woman” defense that worked so well for Bill Clinton, as in, “I did not have sexual relations with That Woman!”  She actually had a name — Monica Lewinsky — and for most people, what they did would have qualified.  But playing with definitions is part of what makes lies go down so easily for those who are prone to do so.

The List is full of scoundrels — powerful men who cheated on their wives and then lied about it.  But are those lies the worst?  Sadly, today, wherever we look we seem to behold people in positions of public trust who are anything but trustworthy, and their bad behavior makes it very difficult for everyone in positions of trust and leadership.

Here at Trinity, we take the Honor Code very seriously, even in times of challenge, because we believe so deeply in the essential need for truth in both professional and personal matters.  Sadly, the headlines tell the wrong story about the importance of integrity in this society.   We can only redouble our efforts to be a counterweight to the cheap, tawdry and disgraceful abuses of the public trust.

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