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Thank goodness for randy men in power.  They are the gift that keeps on giving to girls who blog.  But it’s been a whole year since I last had occasion to publish “The List” — not for lack of opportunity, but heck, repetition is kinda boring.  There’s just so much of this stuff going around…

But this week’s additions to The List are, quite simply, irresistable.

Though profoundly yukky at many levels.

Like the thought of 62 year-old Dominique Strauss-Kahn dashing naked through New York’s Sofitel in pursuit of a chambermaid, whom he allegedly sexually assaulted.  The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) must have spend all his money on the $3000-a-night hotel room so he had to sell his clothes.  Or something like that.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Fortunately, the orange jump suits at Rikkers Island cover his shame quite nicely.

And why are people suggesting that a naked dalliance with a maid, albeit allegedly non-consensual, will definitively ruin Strauss-Kahn’s plan to become the next president of France?   Hello?  Silvio Berlusconi, anyone?  Ok, so he’s the prime minister of Italy, but that’s just over the Alps. Bunga-Bunga!  And the current French President Nick Sarkozy is rumored to get cozy with women not his wife.

European leaders are sure different in their open — naked? — zest for the illicit.  C’est la vie!  At least American politicians keep it all covered-up.  It’s the Clinton Doctrine.

For example, Arnold Schwartzenegger.  The Terminator terminated his marriage to Maria Shriver after confessing that he’s been supporting his child by a member of his household staff — for ten years, mind you, before he became governor!  Cheating on the wife is one thing, but managing a ten-year cover-up complete with payments is really rather impressive — but then, considering California’s financial mess, maybe it all was done by the same bookkeepers.  And is this “revelation” really surprising to anyone?

And let’s not avert our eyes too much from the Newt Gingrich story.  He carried on an affair while his first wife was dying of cancer, then cheated on his second wife after she got sick.  I wonder if Callista (his third and current wife) has webcams all over the house to keep track of Newt today.

The abuse of women — physical abuse, sexual assault, abuse of trust, abuse of families, shattering of marriage vows — remains prevalent among the world’s powerful men.  Women, listen up:  the revolution is far from over!!  Every public scandal involving powerful men cheating on their wives or attempting to commit rape reminds us that it’s not so long ago that women were treated as chattel, mere property, even in this nation dedicated to freedom and equality.  And, if this could happen to Maria Shriver, or Hillary Clinton, or Tipper Gore, or Elin Woods — with all of their own power and privileges — imagine the lives of women who are not in such protected places.

“The List,” by the way, is not just Republicans or Europeans, of course.  Democrats and American athletes have had their flings quite famously.  Below is my last version of “The List” published on May 19, 2010:

Mark Souder (Republican, Indiana Congressman)

Ben Roethlisburger (NFL Quarterback)

Tiger Woods (remember him?)

David Letterman (Entertainer)

Rick Pitino (Basketball Coach)

Mark Sanford (Republican, South Carolina Governor)

John Ensign (Republican, Nevada Senator) (still under investigation!)

John Edwards (Democrat, former VEEP candidate, North Carolina Senator)

Eliot Spitzer (Democrat, New York Governor)

Larry Craig (Republican, Idaho Senator)

David Vitter (Republican, Louisiana Senator)

Rudy Giuliani (Republican, New York Mayor)

Kwame Kilpatrick (Democrat, Detroit Mayor)

Newt Gingrich (Republican, former Speaker of the House)

Bill Clinton (Democrat, former President of the United States)

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